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Replenishing, Rejuvenating, Healing, Soothing. Come experience the rejuvenating effects, while relieving fatigue and exhaustion.

Foot Reflexology

A therapeutic treatment, in foot reflexology, pressure that is applied to particular reflex point can remedy problems that are associated with specific body parts and organs. For example, a point that is on the arch of your foot can correspond to the proper functioning of the liver. Thus, if pressure is applied to this point in a foot reflexology massage, it will help in improving the liver function.

  • 60 min / RM80 nett
  • 90 min / RM100 nett
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Body Scrub

Purnama Body Scrub goes beyond exfoliates dead skin cells. Its benefits include relaxation, detoxification, hydrates skin as well as softens and moisturizes the skin.

  • Dead Sea Salt 30min / RM80 nett
  • Avocado 30min / RM120 nett
  • Pearl 30min / RM120 nett
  • Mexican Turnip 30min / RM120 nett
  • Coffee 30min / RM120 nett
  • Rice 30min / RM120 nett
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Facial and Ear Candling

Purnama Body Scrub offers 2 facial treatment for effective removal of impurities from the skin, giving it a natural growth of health and vitality. Basic steps include cleansing, exfoliation and massage. We use quality facial product targeting your skin type.

  • purnama facial treatment 60min / RM130 nett
  • Ear Candling 20min / RM50 nett
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Manicure and Pedicure


Pedicure - treatment for the feet and toenails that help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Our pedicure treatment is not just limited to toenails. During the treatment process, apart from cleaning the toenails, we will also attempt to rib off the dead skin on the bottom of the feet.

  • Manicure 40min / RM60 nett
  • Pedicure 50min / RM85 nett
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Body Waxing

Complete professional body waxing services for men. We ensure the highest level of discretion.

    • Armpit/ RM30 nett
    • neck / RM30 nett
    • Shoulder/ RM35 nett
    • full arm / RM110 nett
    • Half leg/ RM150 nett
    • Fullleg/ RM230 nett
    • Chest/ RM80 nett
    • Abdomen/ RM80 nett
    • Back/ RM100 nett
    • Buttocks/ RM50 nett
    • Cracks/ RM35 nett
    • Boyzilian/ RM150 nett
    • Fullbody/ RM650 nett
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what people say about us

“Offers male to male massage from different therapists. We came walked in so did not have a good time slot and we picked one hour massage. I got the Purnama Signature and it's pretty relaxing. The place is clean and all boys. No hassle and no forced tipping. Shower in the room so it's hassle free. The only trouble is to find this place. As all others has mentioned, find Toy's R Us, right opposite Toy's R Us is an escalator. At the right of the escalator you see an escape door. Go in and you should see it along the hallway.”

Lionel Chan

“Great massage experience at this spa which offers men to men massage with professional spa packages. The kneading strength is strong the way I like it and it really helped kneaded away the aches and stress accumulated. I opted for a promotional package which includes a body massage, foot massage, scrub, and ear candling. The entire therapy lasted for about 2 hours. There is a shower facility within the therapy room which is convenient for guests to wash up after the scrub.”

Shuan P

“In January 2018 I had an AMAZING 120 minute Swedish/sensual massage with Tory. I have had full-body massages all over Asia and his was THE BEST that I have ever had! He has techniques that I have never experienced before! Although he is straight, he certainly will massage you all over and at the end help you “release” whatever tension you still have.
The place is not easy to find so be sure to follow their directions and map on their “Contact” page. The location as you approach is unusual being down a service corridor but once you walk through the front door you will be pleasantly surprised. Obviously this location demands lower rent which helps them keep their prices down.”

Jeff Hanemaayer

“Went there this afternoon as people rate it pretty good. Have to agree with all the stars.
Take note that a bit hard to find. Follow exact the direction. Find toyRus first. Then opposite there is a small door which looks like exit. Once you go in. You will find it.”

Shen Mu

“Just had an amazing purnama ultimate massage with Tory. He was so good and very professional massage therapist. He's medium hard massage was just what I needed for my tight lower back and shoulder muscles. The place is so clean and the staff are very courteous. The only downside was that it took me half an hour circling around the mall before I have finally lead by security guard to the exact location.”

Manny Agahan

“Excellent massage by Mike, got rid of post flight knots and left me feeling great.”

Rodney Jenkins


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